St. Stephanus church

St. Stephanus church


Stephanus was one of the Christian believers begin martyred .He was symbol of firm pious men who got the title of "Nakhavga" means the first martyr.

To remember him, the church called St. stephanus. The church is located in the 19 km of west side of jolfa at qezel vang village .the building of the church is situated inside a castle and all the existing monuments of the complex are called " Vang saint stephanus ". aithough religious ceremonies done in the church ,it has been a place of gathering scholars , calligraphers , painters , illuminators , philosophers , authors , historians , and scientists .


The original data the church is not known. Believes differ about its date , some date back to the beginning of Christianity but other believe that it dates bask to safavi era . the architectural style , materials , and ornaments show that like other churches such as tateous , it constructed between 10th-12th centuries .  its architectural style is composition of urartian ,Parthian , and roman known as Armenian . the monument has been restorated several times.


Once , it was reconstructed in 1827 by regent mirza in the 30 year wars of iran and Russia . dare sham village bought and devoted to the church simultaneously with the restoration . the devotion has been described on the entrance inscription in farsi . the complex has 4 parts , church , old church monastery , and its fence .the interior part of chapel ornamented with delicate paintings on plaster done in safavi and qajar eras . the designs are arabesques and angels with 6 wings .inside the church is in the cross shape and composed of porch , chapel , and alter. There are 3 chapels inside the monument belonging to Qajar era.



 The exterior walls of Church covered with carvings , arches , and moqarnass. Also on the 4 exterior walls , there are beautiful cameos in which on the east side , St stephanus , being stoned to death , on the west , Crossing the Christ , on the north Ascending of the Christ , and on the south Christ is in the bosom of Madonna.  



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